Bookmark: The Most Innovative Website Builder of 2017. Is it Really the Future?

When Bookmark first launched back in 2014, it was simply lost in the overcrowded market of website builders. Bookmark launched with a simple, yet ambitious mission to build the future of website creation & design.

Bookmark Logo

Fast forward to 2017: Bookmark proudly announces that it was voted “The Most Innovative Website Builder of 2017”. This comes after endless hours of work trying to differentiate ourselves from the competitors out there. Rejecting to merely be just another website builder, doing the same thing as everyone else and miraculously expecting different results.

Bookmark was criticized numerous times for trying to be too innovative, too different and too ambitious, but our team truly believed in our mission and decided to embrace our uniqueness and continue to strive for greatness in order to truly build the future.

For years, Bookmark’s team has been monitoring the newest tech inventions, the hottest design trends and the latest design tools to strategize how it will combine all these separate branches together for the first time ever to empower our users to build the best websites possible in the easiest way they can.

And Finally, the rise of Artificial Intelligence was the answer to all of that.


Meet AIDA, your Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant.


We thought, how can we empower a user who hasn’t ever wrote a single line or code nor ever designed anything with the ability to create beautiful, fully functional and complete websites.

AiDA was our answer. An AI-powered experience where you merely answer a number of simple questions such as your business industry & business name, and then literally sit back and watch your website get created in a matter of seconds.

However, we knew building the initial website isn’t really enough. We cannot guarantee that a user will be fully happy with the first design AiDA creates, so we took it a step further and gave the user the ability to recreate the website with a simple click of a button. This way, a user can simply click on that button until they are fully satisfied with the starting point of their website.

The next step was to empower them further, allowing them to edit the website freely, yet have their design assistant with them every step of the way. AiDA would walk them through the process of editing their content, images and design until they are fully happy with their website.

Now, that we solved the complexity of website builders and CMSs, the focus shifted on building the future of websites. A user is required to edit a single design, however, AiDA instantly turns that website into a responsive website that works seamlessly on mobile phones and tablets. Giving a user a single website was just not going to cut it in 2017.

So now that a user publishes their website and share it to the world, what’s next? Bookmark decided to offer something that no other website builder thought of adding. A set of completely free e-Learning courses that would help a user take his business website to the next level. Courses such as: Introduction to Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads as well as a complete guide on how to build your Personal brand in order for our users to strive as we did in the competitive online world.

We realize that every individual and small business is unique and have their set of business wants and needs and thus, we decided to move away from the template-based website building experience where thousands of people use the same template and end up with the same looking design. We instead, with the power of AiDA, treat every user as a unique individual which will be guaranteed a unique website that they or their business truly deserve.

Yes, the past 3 years have been challenging and we do understand that this is literally the first step of the way for Bookmark, but, being awarded the most innovative website of 2017 is truly a dream come true for the Bookmark Family as it proves that choosing to be different when everyone else is striving to be the same was the best decision our company has ever made.

We are truly thankful for every single user who continues to trust Bookmark as their go-to solution and have helped us with their feedback, compliments and thank-you letters. Rest assured, this is the first step of Bookmark’s journey to build the future of website creation and design. The best is yet to come!